Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Storage Idea

This topic has been a thread on the Craft Warehouse Forum...  I like having clear storage for my stuff and the prettier the better.  These Ikea glass jars are perfect for my $1 wooden stamps sets.  They sit perfectly on floating shelves. 

They look like mini candy jars so they can be stacked in a variety of ways.  The rest of my jars get stacked in a larger clear glass cookie jar from Target.

These are perfect for holding decorative brads, mini brads, mini paper flowers, etc. 


U * Are Adored

Special Event
I loved using a hair clip asan embellishment.

I Miss Your Smile


I often hide my journaling in a pocket or attach an envelope on the back with a tab for easy pull out.  On this layout, my jornaling is hidden on the distressed circle.

Monday, April 26, 2010


 There are days when I look at my past projects and they remind me of how blessed I am to have the family I do.  I made the card below for my sister Deborah.  At the time, she was living overseas and I missed her so much.  She had just picked up a bird to keep her company, to train and love.  This was a little birdie card to say congrats. 

I made a pocket to hold the tag with the scripture I had printed out onto cardstock from the computer.

On This Day... I wanted to remember Debs on the day we last saw each other.  This picture was taken almost a year ago.  She is such an inspiration and I love her dearly.

Simply Living For You... a reminder of how she lives every day for God.
I miss you, Sis and I hope we can see each other real soon!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Craft Warehouse Design Team 2010!

I was chosen to be on the 2010 Design Team!  I am honored and thrilled to be among some amazing talent.  Thanks to those who believed in me and pushed me to the water's edge to get my feet wet!  You know who you are and it meant a lot!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Pencil Lines Sketch 157 and most digital designs by Paislee Press Designs.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Scrap Space

Our office is a place where my husband and I can be together yet, he can play his pc video games at his computer desk (not shown in photo) and I can scrap.  I put 2 computer desks from Target together to make one large working space.  I usually have another chair on the other side so if someone wants to come over and scrap they can.  On the left side of the desks is a paper shelf my husband built.  I like my vertical paper holders and the 12x12 paper holders sold at CW fit perfectly too. 

My wood stamps are kept on this home decor shelf which can be found at Target or any local hardware store.  I even think CW sells these at times.  During Christmas, I take down my Spring and Summer stamps and put up the Winter stamps which are kept in a plastic shoe box in a closet the rest of the year. 

I use the keyboard drawer in the desk as a place to stash my current project's papers and matching embellishments to come back to later.

CW sells glass decorative jars w/lids and I love to keep my paper/silk flowers in one, buttons in another, blank tags in another, and a stash of vintage buttons (still on the button cards) in another.

Again, this is the paper shelf my husband built me.  14x14 divided compartments are on the bottom.  The shelf above was made to hold baskets for my supplies.  I am a visual scrapper.  I have tried storing my ribbon in so many ways.  What works for me is by color, in a ziplock, in a basket.  I keep my trendy special ribbon loose.  I usually roll up the ribbon and tape it together to stay in place.  I use a basket for my texture embossing folders.

Under the desk is where I hide fabric boxes.  This box is where I store my clear stamps.  The clear pink bags are cosmetic bags.  I keep my smaller clear stamps (like the $1 stamps) in those.  Another one of those pink bags holds my watercolor pencils, pens, and blending tools for stamping.  My cling stamps are stored using the Unity Stamp 8.5x11 stamp holder. 

I have one of these paper holders, purchased at CW on the floor of either side of my desk.  I keep all of my white cardstock in a 14x14 clear zip-loc bag. I always need white and this way I can just pull the bag out quickly; plus the bag keeps the sheets clean.
I store my cardstock by color.  I organize my pattern paper by brand and my mismatch patterned paper is by style (polka dots, stripes, black and white, and  vintage ivories). 

Also under my desk, easily accessible, is this wire cd holder.  I look for organizers in home and bath departments, office supply stores, and even hardware stores.  This was perfect for all of my stamp pads and containers of embossing powders and Stickles.  Now, I can't buy anything else since nothing else will fit! ;)

I like my tier plate where I put some fun doo-dads to get me excited and inspire me in my space.  I also like to keep my most recent idea magazine where I can see it on top of my desk.

My pen, stapler, and scissor holder for the quick and grab.

I display my most recent pages on the top shelf along with mini books and pictures.  On the third shelf I keep a basket of my most recent pictures.  I scrap the "now" so I need easy access of my most recent developed prints.  On the bottom shelf is a 12x12 expandable paper organizer for my pattern paper (by brand).  I also have plastic black magazine holders, one for my 8.5x11 cardstock, and two for past magazine inspiration.  I also still use a 14x14 Cropper Hopper sticker binder from back in the days.  I use that to hold my thicker alpha and embellishments.  If I didn't have that, I would actually buy an American Crafts 12x12 album and use page protectors to hold those items.