Monday, January 24, 2011

Plowing A Straight Line

Usually, I am scrapbooking pages all of the time.  Whether it is a project for Craft Warehouse or making cards for gifts, I am usually working on something.  This past month, I have been distracted.  I have always wanted to do some quilting and so I put my paper and pictures away for a bit to try my hand at it.  While doing so, I learned a good lesson.  Most things in life are learned best from a teacher.  I often times try to do things on my own accord and pat myself on the back for how well I think it is going.  But really, in the end, the result equals to crooked lines and uneven borders.

On Sunday, Pastor Erickson told a story about a farmer and his three sons.  The farm was to be left to the son who could plow the straightest line.  The eldest son kept looking over his shoulder at his brothers to check their progress and in doing so, his plow veered to the left and the right.   The middle son’s plow started to rattle and his horse was showing signs of problems which caused him to look down and worry about his circumstances.  His plow began to veer off course.  The youngest son instead, looked straight ahead, keeping the view of his father  (who was standing at the other end of the field) right in front of him.  In keeping his focus on the Father, he plowed the straightest line and won the farm.

I think I can do it on my own but it’s often when I hit rock bottom I reach out and up.  I have been listening to Matthew West's CD, The Story of Your Life and his song "Strong Enough" has really spoken some truth into my life.  Link on over and check it out.

So here are some of my most recent paper projects...


Fancy by Rebecca Grinder
Made for CW Scrap Club
Loved using some lace I got from a dear friend.


I love to make card set for gifts.  This was a card that was gifted back to me.  I was so happy to get it for my birthday card last year.  It was one of my favorite designs - one  I never took a picture of.  I thought I would add it to this page so it would stay safe in an album and it worked perfectly with this design.  I added my title right on top of the card.



So In Love, Seattle You and Me by Rebecca Grinder



My favorite part of making this layout was eating the Hershey's Kiss for the wrapper.



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  1. Lol... I wish I had an excuse to eat candy.