Monday, January 10, 2011

I have been distracted lately…haven’t scrapped for several weeks!  Jen’s passion for anything artistic rubs off on me in a variety of ways.  While shopping a few weeks ago, Sarah and I saw a magnet that read, “I Make Things”.  If it wasn’t so expensive, I would have bought it for Jen.  In response to looking at something she likes, I don’t think I have ever heard her say,  “I can’t.”  Instead, she tells herself, “Why not?”  She is my biggest inspiration to trying new things.  My other inspiration comes from my friend (and cousin by marriage) Laura. She researches and learns to do many things. 

Why couldn’t I try and teach myself something I’ve always wanted to do?  I have always wanted to learn to quilt.  Jen recently started to make handbags, dresses, wallets, etc.  All with my little sewing machine Josh bought me a few years ago (which has lived at Jen and Dave’s for over a year).  When Jen got herself a new sewing machine for Christmas, mine came back home with me and I was determined it wasn’t going to collect dust.  In my younger days, I tried new hobbies (including quilting) and failed many times but I have to admit that was before You-Tube.  You can find tutorials galore on You-Tube.   One obstacle, I have had with sewing, was I couldn’t  thread a bobbin.  Jen would have to thread it for me.  A couple of weeks ago I taught myself using a “how to” video on You-Tube.  Remembering some sewing shows my mom watched when we were kids, I found episodes online and I am NOW quilting!  Ok…so I have a way to go to be a “quilter” but I am slowly learning… and seeing results. 

Yet, my first love will always be paper crafting and I am getting the itch to pull out my papers and make some cards or a layout or two.    

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