Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life is Beautiful Card

Life is Beautiful 002 by dailygrinddesigns
Life is Beautiful 002, a photo by dailygrinddesigns on Flickr.

I have been working on some fun projects (pictures to come soon) and I am surprised I haven't updated my blog for awhile now.  There are days I just like to play with some new papers purchased or I'll just try a new technique.  Somethimes I see a color combo and it inspires me to create.  This was a card I made because the colors excited me.  The rich yellow and reds...and the vintage look!  Love!

I am really happy with how my pictures are turning out using my Sony NEX3.  I have to admit that I bounce from the special programed settings (it has the coolest Maro Setting) and Manual.  Then, Jen taught me how to use Lightroom and I am becoming more and more comfortable editing my own photographs.  Jen has posted some really good advice on "Taking Better Photos" on the Craft Warehouse forum.  She also taught a class at the Salem CW store and it was amazing!  I learned a lot!  Check it out!  It looks like she is going to post some advice every now and then!

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